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For You [Armin x OC] [Commission]
               Author's Note: Hey guys! This is a commission for :iconlynnemerald: and the adorable pairing of her OC, Neva, and Armin. The preview picture is of her own art, so go check it out and comment if you like it! Hope you like this :iconlynnemerald:, I apologize for this taking so long!
                “Oi, Armin! Where are you going?”
                Armin, the blond-haired teenager that was creeping out of the boys’ changing rooms, halted immediately, face paling. Mind racing for an appropriate fib to provide, he wondered how he could make plans but not a believable lie.
                “Uh, I just- yeah,” he called over his shoulder to Eren, who was leaning against the doorframe of the cha
:iconanxnymous:Anxnymous 1 2
Just Another Sunset :Pt. 2 [Levi x Reader Commish]
        Author's Note: Hey guys, Anxnymous here. It's lucky I got the next part out so quickly, so yay for me. This is the second part of a Levi x Reader commission from :iconofficial-smiley:. I hope you guys like it, and don't hesitate to read the first part if you haven't yet!
                “Oi! Soldier! Get a medic or something! Someone’s hurt here!” Levi shouted, holding [Name] slightly, her breaths coming too quietly.
                “[Name],” he murmured. “[Name], stay alive a little bit more okay?”
:iconanxnymous:Anxnymous 26 9
Just Another Sunset - [Levi x Reader] [Commission]
         Author's Note: Hey Anxnymous here! Sorry for all these regular hiatuses(hiati?) but I think I'll try to get over this writer's block. Here the first part of a two-shot commission for :iconofficial-smiley: for a Levi x Reader. Hope you guys like it, and look out for the next part!
                The sun was setting over the horizon, painting the landscape that fell before the wall shades of purples and oranges, washing the last few hours of light with warmth. You stand on one spot, admiring the dying moments of the afternoon that gave way to the dim evening. Hearing footsteps behind you, you turned, seeing a short, black-haired man walk towards you.
:iconanxnymous:Anxnymous 31 8
Valuable [Various x Reader x Japan]
    Author's Note: Hey guys, Anxnymous here! Sorry for all the inactivity; as usual, it's this writer's block that comes hand in hand with school. Plus, I've been pretty busy with my RP blogs, that you should totally check out. Anyways, here's the first part of a two-shot for :iconmistresssuki92:, so I hope you like it! Sorry that I haven't incorporated the chubby theme in it, it was kinda weird to put it in here. You'll see it in the next part. For now, to all readers, enjoy!

I hope to see your comment, fave and watch!

    No one expected it. The small country of Atlantis to be in the centre of gold and gem trade.
    It wasn’t like the stories; Atlantis wasn’t an underwater city with mermaids, rare coral and abundant underwater life. It was a small country that was always at the edge of the map, so small that it looked like
:iconanxnymous:Anxnymous 27 13
Scouting Legion High School|2|Erwin x Reader
    Author's Note: Hey Anxnymous here! This is the second part of the commission for :iconfreckledartist: for an Erwin x Reader commission that cost 80 points. You can see the price list on my Commissions Journal here, where you can order your commission. I still have to get the permission from :iconfreckledartist: to publicly display this, so I'll just put a preview up. If you are willing to support me buying buying this and downloading it by clicking that button on the right, that will be great. That way you can read the full version before anyone else. :iconfreckledartist:, thanks for ordering the commission, and I hope you like it!

It’s been about eight months since the queer meeting of President Erwin, and you’ve settled down nicely in Scouting Legion High School. Your parents are happy that they can check on you daily, you’ve made a few friends, you help out the higher-ups in a few jobs and the Scouting Legion High School has grow
:iconanxnymous:Anxnymous 16 7
Scouting Legion High School|1|Erwin x Reader
    Author's Note: Hey Anxnymous here! This is the first part for a two-shot commission by :iconfreckledartist:, so stick around for the second part if you like it. It's great that I got this out fairly quickly, so yeah, I should be working on the next part soon. Hope you enjoy this :iconfreckledartist: and all the other readers. ((I have to wait for the permission of :iconfreckledartist: if I can display this commission publicly. If you want to support me, click the download button and buy it, but for now, wait for their permission. Thanks!))

“Look, we can’t put [Name] into that boarding school; it’s too far away, and we won’t be able to reach her if something goes wrong!”
                “You’re right dear. But Trost High is a pretty good school; the second best education you can get after Sina Academy. But our daughter’s sa
:iconanxnymous:Anxnymous 20 2
Coliseum Fighter|2|Various x Fighter!Reader x Levi
   Author's Note: Hey Anxnymous here! Woah, I'm actually surprised this continuation so fast; usually it takes a week to do it. So yeah, some people like the idea, but I found that a few thought it was going to be an Ancient Rome!AU so I guess that's next on the writing list yeah? But for now, enjoy this story, and don't forget to comment before faving. Thank you!
    The room Hitch led you into looked like a courtroom that got refurbished to fit the Coliseum.
                Where the jury usually sat were some wooden bleachers that were put behind the wooden railing of the section. Some uniformed people with crests stitched onto their vests were sitting on the bleachers; some sitting up straight; some leaning towards the railing in interest; some standing quietly at the end of the benches.
:iconanxnymous:Anxnymous 38 57
Coliseum Fighter|| Various x Fighter!Reader x Levi
    Author's Note: Hey guys, Anxnymous here! I haven't uploaded anything in ages, have I? I apologize for that; had a huge writer's block lately, coupled with unfortunate stacks of homework. I still have a slight writer's block, but hopefully this will kickstart my inspiration and motivation. This may become a short series, maybe a long one, who knows. It depends on your response. So if you like it, comment, and if you don't, tell me what I could improve. For now, enjoy the story~!
                “There are a few rules you have to abide by in this arena,” a blonde attendant said, looking at you with a lop-sided grin. You stayed silent, looking at your own hands, finishing off the binding of the bandages.
:iconanxnymous:Anxnymous 64 42
Writing With Anxnymous: Lesson #2 [Imagery]
Table of Lessons:
-Writing With Anxnymous #1: Dialogue
-Writing With Anxnymous #2: You are here! :happybounce: 
For those who are new to these lessons, please go to Writing With Anxnymous #1: Dialogue and read the 'Introduction' (yes it's important). Commissions are open when the commission journal is released; I will link it here when completed. 
    Hey Anxnymous here! For today’s lesson, we’re going to focus of ‘Descriptive Writing’ or ‘Imagery With Words’.
:iconanxnymous:Anxnymous 22 13
Writing With Anxnymous #1 [Dialogue]
Table of Lessons:

Introducing... "Writing With Anxnymous"
-Writing With Anxnymous #1 [Dialogue] : You are HERE!    

-Writing With Anxnymous #2 [Imagery]
 ((Commission journal))

Introduction (Important for those who are new to these lessons)
Hey Anxnymous here!Emoji32 So this is the first "Writing With Anxnymous" Lesson, and for today, we're going to focus on dialogue. Just to start it off, I highly recommend you read a bit of the stuff I put out; just the bolded bits should summarize mos
:iconanxnymous:Anxnymous 24 21
Capture by Anxnymous Capture :iconanxnymous:Anxnymous 2 14
Jar of Sand [Levi x Reader] [Contest Entry]
    Author's Note: Hey Anxnymous here! This is for the contest going on at LancCorporalLevi with the theme of 'Levi's First Time at the Beach'.  Warning, there is a little bit of swearing, but I've censored it a bit. Don't go repeating this, kids! (As I've started to do "orz) Enjoy, critique and watch for more?

                “Corporal, Corporal!”
                A raven-haired man looked up from his desk, impassively looking at the new arrival in his office.
                “Ever heard of knocking, [l/n]?” asked Lance Corporal Levi, glaring at you. But his sharp stare could not wipe away the huge grin on your face. When you got this excited, there was no stopping you;
:iconanxnymous:Anxnymous 111 74
Hand Amongst the Flowers [Spain x Reader] [AU]
      Author's Note: Hey Anxnymous here! This is a commission for an anonymous Deviant, and they've given me a particular theme, but I won't tell you yet; that would spoil the ending... This story is strongly based of one of the chapter of Yuki Midorikawa's "Book of Friends"; quite a nice series really. Enjoy, comment before you fave and watch for more?
                “Hey look! The first blossom of spring!”
                “Oooh, how pretty!”
                ‘Yes it is quite pretty isn’t it,’ you thought, eyeing the couple who were admiring the tree you were sitting it. The woman was leaning on her partner, red lipstick grossly over exaggerated. Your lips pulled into an expression on disgust, your [e/c] ey
:iconanxnymous:Anxnymous 79 72
Just Human [Levi x Reader]
Author's Note: Hey Anxnymous here! I was thinking some pretty deep thoughts one night in the dark lying in my bed and I guess this is the result of it??? So, uh, I guess this is what happens when I read in too deep into a character and get attached to them. Enjoy, comment and fave?
Warning: Might be a tad OOC 

The door creaked open as you peeked through into the medical ward, trying to ignore the pained groans of soldiers lying in overcrowded cots. Your eyes found brown ones, and you slipped through the gap and closed the door.
                “Hello [f/n]…”
                “Oh [f/n], what are you doing here?”
:iconanxnymous:Anxnymous 296 125
One Word [Half-Blind!Mike x Reader] [SnK]
      Author's Note: Hey Anxnymous here! This is another commission, for :iconbear-boo: , a Mike x Reader for 25 points. This has no particular AU, but it isn't set in the SnK universe. I hope you like it, please comment before you fave, and watch me for more!
                That’s what the streets were.
                From the slime that covered the cracked concrete to the sick left on the grating over the drains. Crates, boxes, rubbish, people, left to rot in the dark alleyways that held the broken pieces society had decided to eject and abandon.
                No-one knew as they walked past on their way to the market, that the dirty rags that
:iconanxnymous:Anxnymous 56 28
Little Runaway [Commission] [One Piece Fic]
                Author's Note: Hey Anxnymous here! So this is the first thing crossed off my to-do list. This is an old commission for TheIdealMistress, with her OC's (Micha and Aiku). The first part is here, and I hope she likes it! I'm sorry for the late release, but I was agonizing on how to end it! I hope you enjoy it TheIdealMistress!!!
                His brain aborted the instinctive command to freeze whatever had surprised him, and two crude shards of ice stopped in mid-air and fell to the ground, shattering. A blue-haired girl mirrored his pose with her hands out in front, one eye closed in preparation o
:iconanxnymous:Anxnymous 2 18
These are my works! Care to read and comment?


pencil icon by Silly-Peach pencil icon :iconsilly-peach:Silly-Peach 94 17
Ultimate Character Questionnaire
What is your name?
What is your name’s origin and meaning, and how was it chosen?
Any nicknames?
How tall are you?
Who do you live with or near, if anyone?
Where is your residence and what is it like?
What is your hometown and local culture like?
Who are your parents?
Are you married, single, seeking a relationship, avoiding romance?
What is your class/income level?
What is your income source and/or occupation?
What is your education?
What is your worldview/religion? What is your level of devotion to that philosophy?
What are your current life problems?
Who (or what) are your enemies?
What are your priorities in life?
What is your goal in life? What is your motivation for this goal?
What is your goal in this story? What is your motivation for this goal?
What changes do you undergo by the end of the story (emotional, physical, philosophical, relational, etc)?
What is your central philosophy in life?
What moral code do you follow and wh
:iconlauramartinart:LauraMartinArt 199 33
How to Hook a Reader
I should note that this article will be primarily concerning YA fiction, as that is what I know most about. You may notice that some of these openings use elements that I cautioned against in an earlier article. Told ‘ya there were bountiful exceptions to writing “rules.”

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis
“There was a boy called Eustace Clarence Scrubb, and he almost deserved it.”

This one is just awesome. I adore some subtle humor in a book, and it’s a great way to start out if you’re witty enough. This short and amusing opening line tells us a lot about the character in a very short time. His name also gives an indication that he is not from the land of Narnia, but is probably from England, if this book is to be similar to the ones prior to it in the series. We know something about his age in t
:iconlauramartinart:LauraMartinArt 521 118
Naming Your Novel
*This is also helpful for other types of fiction and possibly even non-fiction.*
Note: How careful you have to be naming your novel depends heavily on if you are planning to sell it, and how you are planning to sell it. If you are an unknown who is self-publishing and you want a lot of people to read and buy your novel, you need to do extensive research on the market. This article only covers a few tips, and I am in no way a publishing expert. But, even if you don't plan on going mass-commercial, that doesn't mean you shouldn't spend some time deciding on a name for your labor of love and I hope this article provides some useful ideas.
Organized Brainstorming
Consider important items--does your story revolve around a magical staff, sword or pendant? For example: "The Staff of Alema," "The Sapphire Sword," or "The Destiny Pendant." (I know these are cheesy but you get the idea).
Consider who your protagonist IS--is it an assassin, a magician, an apprentice
:iconlauramartinart:LauraMartinArt 561 95
Building Plot

:iconlauramartinart:LauraMartinArt 173 18
The 10 Worst Story Openings
*disclaimer* I did not come up with all this all by my lonesome, it kind of evolved from things I read by other people when researching how I should start something I was writing, and I noticed a lot of people were saying pretty much the same things. I know I’m cynical and I know there are bountiful exceptions to these so-called “rules.” These are just things to avoid or be careful about.
1. Waking up.
    “BEEEP BEEP RIIIING RIIING, the alarm clock jerks 14 year old Jessica Parker out of a sound sleep. She groans and fumbles to shut it off. Her mom calls from the next room, ‘Hurry up Jessie you’re going to be late!’ Jessie wills herself to get up, and get ready for school. She looks into the mirror at her frizzy red hair, which always turns into a rat’s nest after sleeping. As she begins to brush out her tangled locks, her annoying little brother comes running into the roo
:iconlauramartinart:LauraMartinArt 305 142
Christmas Contest! LAST DAY TO ENTER!
Spoiler alert: The theme is not Christmas.
Like I mentioned before, this is an idea I've had since around the time of the last contest (and they are theoretically related, if you want them to be), so I'm excited to present you with this holiday season's contest (finally not holiday-themed, although you can make it holiday-themed if you want to!):
That's right! Yuri, shojou-ai, femslash, whatever you want to call it, whether it's a nyo, a female country or even an OC! We all know there's plenty of love for yaoi in this fandom, so let's stir the pot and have some girl love!
Contest requirements:
:bulletgreen: Must be a reader insert
:bulletred: Must feature a girlxgirl pairing as the main pairing
:bulletgreen: It can focus on a nyotalia girl, a canon female character or a female (or genderswapped) OC
:bulletred: Must be submitted by January 1st
:bulletgreen: Must be submitted to the "Christmas Contest" fold
:iconreadertalia:Readertalia 11 49
Attention all writers and readers:

  Okay so this is a very important journal ( i understand that it's long) and i would like all of you to share/read/etc. because i feel like this problem has gotten out of hand.  

  The Problem:
I'm sure recently you guys have heard of this actually. Fellow writers/readers, have been finding stolen work from DA on other writing sites. Many of us DA writers have had our work stolen; not only that, the work is claimed to be their own, and there are many comments afterwards such as "oh i cried while writing this" or "this is a request from a reader" when they put no effort whatsoever. A few days ago, a person had basically mass stolen works from about 10 authors--it wasn't just one from each author either, it was about 3 or 4. Good friends of mine had their work plagiarized word for word. And the worst part is that we have no knowledge this is happeni
:iconespressocakes:espressocakes 52 184
Hello, guild members! It’s time for another wonder contest here at Guild of Readers!
Because of the lovely responses we got last time, we’re going to spice it up a little and make it more Christmas-y for the coming holiday season! We’ve also added a little word limit to make it more challenging! Remember; the content is what matters most, not the length. :)
Anyway. On to the details.
- Standard level of grammar.
- Explicit use of theme.
- No or minimal OOC-ness.
- Reader's personality.
- Amount of inserts in fiction (we really don't want preselected things. E.g. your purple Samsung, your blonde hair, etc...)
- Originality.
- Diversity from other fictions.
- All members, minus admins, are free to take part.
- No more than two contest entries.
- No more than 1500 words.
- It MUST be a reader insert (no OCs!).
- Rating must be at a PG level! That means no limes, no lemons, no highly offensive language or any scenes that may cause emotional distress.
- Mu
:iconguild-of-readers:Guild-Of-Readers 8 20
Italian Gestures APH by maryluis Italian Gestures APH :iconmaryluis:maryluis 124 22
Enter-Contests-CONTEST - closed!
Our 9th Participate-in-Contests-Contest :dance:
Ever wanted to be rewarded for participating in contests?
Now its your turn!

:trophy: What do you have to do?
This Contest is about entering as much as possible Contests :D
Create entries for them and you can also enter this contest.
The more the better! Make them happy with your work :D
We've got over 200 Contests in our Galleries - I bet there's something for you too :)
:bulletblue: Our gallery:
:bulletblue: Other groups' contests:
:bulletblue: And please take a look at the featured contests down below ;)
Link me to your entries in the comments :)
:trophy: Rules - read carefully
- Fav this journal :3
- Link the original Contest in your Entry (cause I have to check the contests)
- Link our Group('s Contest) in your Entry (so I know its made for this Contest too)
- The Contest-Entry has
:iconcontest-office:Contest-Office 16 131
Holiday Card Project 2014

The deviantART #HolidayCardProject is back for its 8th year!  With the goal of bringing a bit of holiday cheer to patients in the hospital during the holiday season, the Holiday Card Project connects artists from around the world, applying their tremendous artistic abilities to designing and creating uplifting holiday cards.
In 2013 alone, the Project received more than 5,000 cards sent in by more than 2,000 deviants from 60 different countries/political regions. Cards were then divvied up and distributed by deviantART members to local Los Angeles hospitals, with additional cards given to various hospitals in the U.S. and abroad for deviantART volunteers and hospital staff members to hand out to patients.
The idea behind the Holiday Card Project is simple: do something nice for others. However, if you're looking for even more incentive, every deviant who sends in a card will
:iconmadizzlee:madizzlee 2,070 3,295
happy bday nerd by PinepawStagCat happy bday nerd :iconpinepawstagcat:PinepawStagCat 31 2 braus by PinepawStagCat braus :iconpinepawstagcat:PinepawStagCat 48 3
Check out the awesome art I've seen over my DeviantART experience! They're some really skilled artists out there that you should totally check out!


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So if you're feeling nice, or you really like my work and you would like to reward me, feel free to donate some points!

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Hey guys! I've come back with new & improved writing. Now, I'm trying to start up commissions for friends who need some financial help. get me at #writecommission :iconwritecommission:. Hope to see you guys there! Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] 

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