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Author's Note: So I kinda wanted to do a fic where it's not sad *scrolling through Gallery and sobbing silently* and to the encouragement of some Deviants, to do another reader insert! So this one is where you request a SnK guy and I write about you and him. Read and decide on your character (List is in description)!

    "[Name], you really got to fix this problem," Krista said, looking at you. You nod sheepishly, whole-heartedly agreeing.

    "I know, but how?" you whined, pressing your hands against your cheeks. Right now they were at their normal temperature, but you knew as soon as you started talking to someone of the opposite sex, they would flare right up.

    "Well, some people deveop an immunity to sicknesses they are exposed to for a certain time period, so maybe..." began Mikasa, and Krista beamed at the idea.

    "That's an idea, Mikasa! Why don't we get the Survey Corps boys and get you an immunity to them!" Krista cheered, looking at Ymir for support. The dark-haired girl grinned at the shining face of Krista and pulled her in for a sideways hug.

    "That's a great idea, Krista!" replied Ymir, ignoring Mikasa's mutter of: "It was mine in the first place."
    "W-What?!" you stutter, at the mention of boys. "That's m-ment-t-t-al!"

    "She's stuttering real bad guy," commented Sasha, placing the back of hand on your cheek. "And she's burning up too!" At this, the rest of the girls gathered round to put their hands on your cheeks, remarking on the high heat of your cheeks. However, your blush began to fade, and you start to laugh.

    "Hey, that tickles guys!" you laugh, and they look at you in confusion, like you were a unique test subject. Lucky Hanji wasn't here.

    "So she's totally fine in awkward situations with girls, but with boys, [Name] just explodes?" asked Annie, and Krista nodded.

    "Looks like it," the smaller blonde said and Ymir rubbed her own hands together.

    "Well then," she began, "shall we start Immunity Experiment Number One?"

    "This isn't going to work," you sang nervously, as Krista guides you towards the mess hall.

    "Yes it is," she sang back, pulling you towards an occupied table. Your chest tightens and you suddenly find it hard to breath. Your first instinct is to apologize and run away, or if you could, sink into the ground and stay there forever. Because right in front of you, were a couple of... that's right.


    A boy with copper and brown hair wolf whistles and waves you two over. "Looks like we got overselves a cutie!" he shouts. Another blonde boy elbows him in the ribs, giving him a warning look.

    "Hey Krista! Hey [Name]!" calls the same blonde boy. Krista waves back, and nudges you towards them. But right now, your heart was thumping. That boy just said my name, you think, breathing fast. A blush begins to fight its way to your cheeks and you feebly try to battle it back down.

    Yet another blonde boy pats the spot next to him, with a build that looks like he could punch a crater in the wall. Okay, maybe you were over-reacting a bit, but this is what happens when you get near them. When you get near... boys.

    "This is Reiner," introduced Krista, pointing at Crater-boy, "Jean," two-coloured-hair-boy, "Armin," elbow-nudge boy, and she just continues on, with Eren, Bertholdt, Marco and Connie. "And this is Hanji! You know her already," finished Krista. You blink.

    "She's not a boy," you state bluntly, looking at Hanji, then blush profusely, realizing you just said something in front of boys. Hanji laughs and so do some of the boys; the remainder grin or smile. Ugh, stop embarrassing yourself [Name], you think.

    "S-sorry," you apologize, ducking your head at Hanji. The brunette waves it off, grinning immensely.
    "I'll just be watching. You sound like an interesting character [Name]," Hanji states, and you smile. But the moment was ruined as Hanji got up and shoved you down on the table. "Ding ding!" she cries, like a bell before a wrestling match and maniacally smiles. "Immunity Experiment Number One; [Name] vs -" 

    Abruptly, you sneeze, and the sound drowns out whatever name she said. Blinking your eyes again, you reluctantly asked her to repeat that. But before Hanji could answer, a boy stands up and says:

    "That's me."

So this is a reader insert option fic, and I know that it's aimed at straight girls and you other sexualities must be totally rolling your eyes at me right now, so forgive me! I kinda just wanted to try this out and see want type of response I get. So the list is down here, and just comment on which character you'd like to be paired with.

Eren: Four requests. |Kao Emoji-07 (Left Side) [V1]HereKao Emoji-07 (Right Side) [V1]

Armin: Three requests [Fic.In.Progress]

Jean: Three requests [F.I.P]

Marco: (That's right, he ain't dead) Two requests [F.I.P]

Connie: Two requests [F.I.P]

Reiner: Two requests [F.I.P] 

Bertholdt: Five requests |Kao Emoji-07 (Left Side) [V1]HereKao Emoji-07 (Right Side) [V1]

Levi: Nine requestsKao Emoji-07 (Left Side) [V1]HereKao Emoji-07 (Right Side) [V1]

Erwin: One request

Mike: One request [F.I.P]

Tell me if I missed someone, and I'll try get back to you!

Eren | Armin | Jean | Marco | Connie | Bertholdt | Levi | Erwin | Mike |
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FeindlyFox Featured By Owner Edited Dec 8, 2014  New member Hobbyist
Ok this is me around 80 percent of boys, awkward and red.  Jean Kirschstein (Blush) [V2] 
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OMG, I have his draft saved somewhere that I really need to finish, help. I'll try get it done when I've finished commissions, lovely! Sorry for the wait!
Levi-has-a-sexy-ass Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014  New member Hobbyist Writer
Oh its fine ^^
FreckledArtist Featured By Owner Edited Oct 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahahaha, the sneeze! Oh, I could just imagine what Reader-chan looked like and sounded like :'D
Also, please do Erwin's part!
Anxnymous Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Dangit, the sneeze just had to be there. I'm working on trying to get over this stupid writer's block, but I think I have an idea for Erwin~!
Galaxyburstwarrior Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Erwin and Reiner!
Anxnymous Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Haha, okay! Still trying to think of stories for them!
KiannaCat Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Armin! My bae, please.
Anxnymous Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I'm doing Jean then Armin, cuz I'm kinda dry of inspiration...
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